When to Trim Trees 

Tree trimming is perhaps something that you don’t look forward to. However, it is crucial nonetheless.  

The thing about tree trimming is that it is difficult to know how, when, and where to trim to ensure you’re not damaging your tree. That is why a lot of people rely on experts for help. 

Most of the time, it’s always ideal to hire professional tree trimmers Honolulu to do the job for you. However, if you want to do it on your own, here are several things you need to know: 

Trimming to Improve Flowering 

Is your tree not producing as many new flowers as it used to? If that is the case, then you can give it a good trimming. Doing so will help the tree focus on new growth. You need to prune your trees when the flowers wither. This is particularly true if your tree blooms in the spring.  

On the other hand, consider pruning your tree in early spring or winter if it blooms in the summer.  

Trimming in the Summer to Direct or Shape a Tree 

Summer is the ideal season to trim your tree if your goal is to slow down the development of particular branches. This will help you if you want to shape or direct the growth of your tree. Waiting until summer means the growth for the season is typically almost complete.  

You can get rid of the low-hanging or defective limbs of the tree during summer since they’re sometimes easier to notice. On several occasions, an entire tree or a single branch needs to be slowed down. Fortunately, you can achieve this goal by trimming.  

You need to be familiar with the type of tree you’re trimming if you want to do the job on your own. Keep in mind that every type of tree has a different amount, shape, and trimming method to help you achieve your desired results.  

Winter is the Ideal Time to Trim Your Tree 

The winter season is the ideal time to trim your trees. The reason for this is that during this season, your tree is dormant. Trimming them will help set up your tree to create new growth when spring arrives.  

Since your tree needs healing after getting trimmed, winter provides them extra protection because there aren’t as many diseases and pests trying to kill your tree.  

Should You Trim or Not? 

Rather than focusing on when to trim your tree, you should consider first if you need to do it.  

During fall, it’s a bad move to trim your tree. You want to avoid doing it as much as possible because the fall season is also the season where fungi spores spread a lot. In addition to that, wounds will take a longer time to heal during the fall. This leaves your tree exposed and prone to diseases.  

So, if you want to trim your tree, the best thing you can do is to hire a tree service company. They know when’s the ideal time to trim your tree.  

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