Things to Do to Prepare for a Storm  

Heavy rains and calamities are never easy to face, and therefore prevention will always help people prepare and lessen the damages they can incur. The last thing you want is to have structural damages that may even necessitate complete renovations that cost thousands of dollars. If you are currently experiencing water damages from past storms, you may reach Honolulu water damage restoration, and rest assured that any issues will be efficiently fixed. However, if you are about to face a storm and are worried about damages, then read this through and know the things you can do to prepare for a storm.  

The first preventative measure is to clean your gutters, drains, and pipes in order to prevent blockages during heavy rains. When the gutters, pipes, and drains are not regularly cleaned, the dirt, rotten leaves, and other debris can block the water flow, therefore pooling may happen during the storm. A prolonged pooling on the roof can cause several roof damages that can lead further to foundation issues. To prevent all of these, clear the leaves from the roof and gutter, drain them properly, and pot some plants so water can drain properly in the soil and does not pool. Additionally, fix any roof damages before the storm.  

The second preventative measure is to prepare an emergency kit in case of a power outage, wounds, sickness, etc. Ensure that you have the essential items like a health and medicine kit, extra torches and flashlights, batteries, generator (optional), and more. All of these essential items need to be put in a water-resistant container and in a location that is easy to access in times of need and emergency. To add, you can put emergency plans and some important documents in the same container too.   

The third preventative measure is to trim your trees especially when they are near your house and discern if the trees need to be cut down before the storm. During storms, big branches fall onto your roof and cause damage. To make it worse, a tree might fall especially when the tree is already damaged. Damaged and infected trees can fall whenever there are strong winds. Trim and cut if it is necessary. Contact an arborist and never trim and cut the tree on your own as this poses danger and hazard.   

The fourth important thing you need to do prior to the storm is to check your insurance policy and ensure it is adequate and current. Consider checking the type of insurance cover applicable for your property as well as the level of the insurance. Moreover, check what calamities your insurance covers (stormwater runoff, flash floods, landslides, etc.).   

The fifth important preventative measure is to have a home emergency plan prior to the storm. This provides an outline of what you will do when the storm is on set. This involves knowing where to go or who to contact in times of emergencies and difficult circumstances. This is crucial especially when the storm gets aggressive and evacuation is immediately needed.   


There is no really a foolproof emergency plan but to know the intensity of the storm and know the proper ways how to be prepared for it. So, always get updated with, listen to the radio and other media for news.   

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